"SoftSmithy is a platform for open source Java developers. The core is an extended Java utility library."

The SoftSmithy Utility Library

The SoftSmithy Utility Library is the core of this projects. It provides many different general utility classes and frameworks. Some highlights are:


  • The Customizer Framework - move and resize components with the mouse and allow further customizations. "Snap-to-grid"-feature included!
  • The Extended Action Framework with support for the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository
  • The Extended Icon Framework with support for Images, Shapes and zooming strategies
  • The Style Framework
  • Number Fields for int, long, short, byte, double, float, BigInteger and BigDecimal based on JFormattedTextField
  • Extended Standard Components
  • Additional CellRenderers and CellEditors
  • A Font Chooser
  • A JavaBean Property Table
  • A Multi Split Pane

Other Highlights

  • NIO File Utility Classes
  • An Infinite Table Layout
  • JavaBeans Utility Classes
  • I/O Utility Classes
  • Math Utility Classes
  • Utility Classes for Comparables, Locales, Strings and ZipFiles

First trails of a tutorial are available! (Note: The tutorial is still under construction!)

Note: The state of this library is still pre-alpha and the API is subject to change!

The SoftSmithy Development Utility Library

The SoftSmithy Development Utility Library

Visually Evoked Potentials

Visually Evoked Potentials

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